Debates carried out since the founding of the CDPP, organized by theme:

The role of the State, Democracy and Growth, by Demétrio Magnoli and Persio Arida
Street Protests and Institutions in Search of a New Compass for Democracy, by Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Sustainable Development Challenges in Brazil, by Marina Silva
Government and Public Administration: fiscal policy dimensions, by Antônio Anastasia
Public Procurement Law: Law 8.666 legal reform, by Carlos Ari Sundfeld
State Capitalism, by Sergio Lazzarini
Conversation with the President of the Federal Chamber, Eduardo Cunha
The Political Crisis, by Sérgio Fausto and Basilio Sallum Jr
Operation Carwash, by Deltan Dallagnol
The project of capital repatriation and other issues of National Congress, by Delcídio do Amaral
Political and economic crisis in Brazil-2016 Version, by José Serra
The new discoveries of Science: from Einstein to 2016, by Israel Bar-Joseph
Health financing in Brazil: current scenario and challenges for future generations, by Cláudio Lottenberg and Francisco Balestrin
Mani Pulite and Operation Carwash, by Piercamillo Davigo, Gherardo Colombo, Sergio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol
The Desired Republic, by Cristovam Buarque
Federalism truncated of 1988 and the Brazilian fiscal crisis, by Eduardo Giannetti
The role of the judiciary and the Supreme Court in times of political crisis, by Carlos Ayres Britto
Brazil Health Coalition Workshop: an agenda to transform the National Health System, by Coalizão Saúde Institute and McKinsey&Company
Brainstorming CDPP-FGV SP Anti-corruption, by Ary Oswaldo Mattos Filho, Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto, Carlos Ari Sundfeld, Eurico de Santi, Maria Lucia Padua Lima and Paulo Goldschmidt
Challenges of public sector management and innovation in times of crisis, by Paulo Hartung
Conversation with the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), by Luís Roberto Barroso

Central Bank Operation, by André Lara Resende
Elections in Italy and Euro Outlook, and International Fiscal Policy Panel, by Francesco Giavazzi
Global Economy Challenges, by Kenetth Rogoff
The Future of Trade Negotiations, by Pascal Lamy
Americas in a Global Context, by Alejandro Werner
Online Inflation, by Roberto Rigobon
International Scenario, by Christian Broda
Global Economy Outlook, by Barry Eichengreen, Francesco Giavazzi and Vito Tanzi
Latin America in the current Global Context, by Andres Velasco
Risks in Europe and the situation in Brazil and LATAM, by Ian Bremmer
Why Brazil and Mexico do not get rich?, by Edmar Bacha and Regis Bonelli
The challenges of Chinese economy, by Michael Pettis
Perspectives and challenges for economic policy in Latin America and Caribbean, by Krishna Srinivasan, Marcello Estevão, Carlos Cáceres and Fabiano Rodrigues Bastos
The Global Economy and Inequality, by Joseph Stiglitz
Current Geopolitical Conflicts, by Itamar Rabinovich
A Capitalism for the People and the role of the State, by Luigi Zingales
Perspectives and risks of China, by Evan S. Medeiros
The Middle East Geopolitical and the chances of a two-State solution, by Uzi Rabi and Danny Tirza
Combating Corruption in Chile, by Eduardo Engel and Fábio Medina Osório
The situation of Italian banks after the Brexit, by Giorgio Trebeschi
The challenges facing the European banking sector in the low-interest-rate environment, by Andreas Dombret (in association with the FHC Foundation)

Brazil’s Challenges in the New Global Context, by Ilan Goldfajn and Affonso Pastore
Brazilian Economy Outlook, by Armínio Fraga
Fiscal Management in Brazil, by Bernard Appy and Mansueto Almeida
Revitalizing Industry and Opening up the Economy, by Edmar Bacha
São Paulo’s Fiscal Situation, by Fernando Haddad
Brazilian Economy Outlook 2015-18, by Nelson Barbosa
Brazilian Central Bank and Brazilian Economy, by Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos
Brazilian Income Growth, by Marcelo Neri
CVM: projects and proposals, by Ana Novaes
Electric Sector: supply security and effect on rates, by Mario Veiga
Origins of savings decline in Brazil, by Carlos Antônio Rocca
The Anti-corruption Law, by Modesto Carvalhosa
The situation at Petrobras and its impact, by José Monforte, Mauro Cunha and Gustavo Contrucci
Fiscal Debate between the States, by Ana Carla Abrão Costa, Bernard Appy, José Clóvis Cabrera and Andrea Calabi
Developing the capital market: the role of CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil), by Leonardo Pereira
Challenges to inclusive growth of Brazil, by Ricardo Paes de Parros
Evolution of the Fiscal Situation of the city of São Paulo, by Fernando Haddad
Proposals for International Integration of the Brazilian Economy, by CDPP and CINDES
Challenges of fiscal adjustment, by Mansueto Almeida
The Petrobras Case, by Adriano Pires
From chronic inflation to chronic deflation: central banks without maps, by André Lara Resende
The Fiscal Adjustment, by Henrique Meirelles
Conversation with the President of the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES), by Maria Silvia Bastos Marques
Conversation with the President of the Central Bank of Brazil (BC), by Ilan Goldfajn
The implementation of the Petrobras business plan, by Pedro Parente

Obstacles and Challenges, by Fernando Grella Vieira and Luciana Guimarães
Public Safety in São Paulo: diagnosis, projects and management, challenges and impacts, by Carlos Alberto Sicupira, Luciana Guimarães and Álvaro Guzella
São Paulo Against Crime, by Fernando Grella Vieira and Luciana Guimarães
Public Safety Priorities, by Carolina Ricardo, Ignácio Cano and José Luis Ratton and public safety representatives for the presidential candidates from the political parties PT, PSDB and PSB

How to Ensure Quality Education? Sobral (CE) and São Paulo (SP) experiences, by Mauricio Holanda Maia, Alexandre Schneider, Naercio Menezes Filho and Samuel Pessoa
The Future of Higher Education, by Daphne Koller
New Proposals for Higher Education, by Ben Nelson
Innovation/Edgemakers, by John Kao
High School and Technical Education Redesign in Brazil, by Simon Schwartzman
Situation and Ways of High School and Technical Education in Brazil, by Simon Schwartzman

Big Metropolises Productive Transition: São Paulo case study, by Fernando de Mello Franco
The problem of water and the innovations of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), by Rafael Reif
Round table event with Founding Director of World Water Lab and Center of Clean Water – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), by John Lienhard, Stela Goldenstein, Ricardo Toledo e Silva and Marcelo Morgado